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Staking and Mutations in the World of PiCO

September 15, 2023

"Staking and Mutations in the World of PiCO"

In PiCO, creating mutant character cards is just the beginning of a rich gaming experience. Players have another compelling reason to explore the mutant aspect – the Mutant Research Facility. This unique staking mechanism allows players to combine their game card assets with game tokens, opening doors to exciting rewards and strategic choices.

The Mutant Research Facility

Within the expansive universe of PiCO, the Mutant Research Facility is the key to unlocking additional value. Here, mutants shine as valuable assets that can be staked for varying time periods, offering a plethora of opportunities for players.

Flexible Staking

Players have the autonomy to tailor their staking strategy to their preferences. They can access the Research Facility Manager and choose the duration for which they wish to lock up their mutants. Longer staking periods translate into higher returns, and these returns are equitably distributed among all staked mutants. Therefore, the more mutants a player stakes, the greater the potential benefits.

Claiming Rewards

Upon the conclusion of the staking period, players can eagerly reclaim their staked cards and sFORT tokens, in addition to the accumulated rewards from that period. This moment marks a critical juncture where players must make thoughtful decisions about the next steps in their PiCO journey.

Choices to Consider

PiCO players are presented with exciting choices as they progress. They can opt to continue playing with their mutants, leverage the staking mechanism to maximize returns, or explore the option of selling their cards on an exchange for immediate profits. These choices add depth and strategy to the gameplay, giving each player the agency to shape their unique gaming experience.

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