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Collect and Evolve in PiCO

September 15, 2023

"Collect and Evolve in PiCO"

PiCO introduces a groundbreaking collect-and-trade card system that revolutionizes gaming, offering players a captivating experience like no other. In this innovative game, players acquire cards through the purchase of surprise packages, each containing five random cards. These packages can contain cards with distinct symbols: square, triangle, and circle, with square cards being the most common and circle cards representing the rarest of finds.

PiCO is not just about collecting;

it’s about the thrill of obtaining limited edition cards, which are exceedingly rare treasures. Additionally, the game introduces special ability cards known as mutagen cards, the second rarest type in the deck, adding a layer of excitement to your collection journey.

Unique Game Assets

In a departure from the norm, PiCO distinguishes itself from traditional web3 and blockchain games by employing vector graphics created through code, each card a compact masterpiece of 12kb or less in size. These vector graphics are entirely stored within the blockchain token itself, a departure from the typical NFT approach where visual content is linked to an IPFS.

Battles and Consequences

Every card in PiCO is a valuable NFT, but here’s where it gets intriguing: any card that meets its demise in a battle is unceremoniously burned by the contract, never to return to the players. With a plethora of unique NFT cards available, this burning mechanism adds an exciting dimension to collecting as you strive to preserve your precious assets.

Evolution Through Mutation

However, the path to card scarcity isn’t limited to battles alone. PiCO introduces a dynamic mutation system, allowing cards to evolve into more potent forms. This not only enhances the strategic depth of the game but also contributes to the scarcity of certain cards, making each decision to mutate a carefully considered one.

Unlock Passive Income

Mutations in PiCO are not just about increasing a card’s power or rarity; they also serve a practical purpose. Mutated cards are essential as stakes in the mutant research facility, enabling players to earn a passive incomeā€”a novel way to extract value from your card collection and engage with the game on a deeper level.


PiCO transcends traditional gaming experiences by seamlessly merging collectible cards with blockchain technology. As you embark on your quest to collect, evolve, and dominate, you’ll discover the thrill of rarity, the excitement of mutations, and the potential for passive income. Join us in PiCO for an adventure that combines cutting-edge technology with strategic card play, creating a gaming universe unlike any other.