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Fortune favors
the brave.

A GameFi token rewarding
users of web3 blockchain products.

The community comes first

GameFi, and
active income.

Apart from a 300,000.00 pre-minted tokens. There are no investors or founders holding any significant amount. This token is fairly equaly distributed using the Time Series Oracle on Songbird Network. The 300K pre-mint is located in the Pangolin DEX to serve as liquidity. The community is the biggest holder of sFortuna.

The total weekly inflation in $FORT is (the total $SGB rewards of the current epoch × 5%) × 2e (- unclaimed rewards).

Total token holders
Total supply

Feast of

In return players and delegators are rewarded for their effort. Delegation, staking and tournament rewards are distributed to the FORT community.

GameFi utility

Game economy

Pay, play, stake and earn FORT in NFT gaming.

Liquidity pools

Provide liquidity and earn rewards

Digital asset gallery

Swap a Fortune in collectibles

delegation rewards

Earn FORT delegation rewards

Meet the international community

The Fortuna Token is an incredibly entertaining, fun, and free for delegators, loyalty reward system. That comes with its own #NFT exhibitions, auctions, and games. Both in and outside of the metaverse. “Keep your $FLR & $SGB delegated at FO while spending Fortuna Tokens on collectibles and events.

Public Chat

Big news and updates always shared publicly first.

Community Chat

Events and live chats discussing further development.

Explainer Video

Watch a quick explainer video on Fortuna Tokenomics.