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Pixel Chain Olympics News

The Revolutionary Blockchain Game

September 15, 2023

"The Revolutionary
Blockchain Game"

Pico is poised to redefine the gaming landscape as the pioneering blockchain game of its kind. Unlike traditional games where assets are held off-chain, Pico seamlessly integrates tokenized game assets and complete game mechanics into a smart contract. To experience this groundbreaking gaming experience, players need to connect to a Layer 1 EVM blockchain like Flare Network, benefiting from its rapid and cost-effective transaction settlement, ideal for gamers seeking instant gratification in the realm of Web 3.

Every adventure in Pico commences with essential components in place.

Players require an EVM wallet linked to the Songbird Network and a substantial reserve of sFORT tokens to fund their Pico gaming endeavors. The amount of sFORT tokens needed is contingent upon the stable USD value of sFORT, ensuring a fair and balanced gaming experience. Additionally, players must possess a collection of 27 cards, consisting of at least 3 weapons, 3 characters, and 3 shields.

Before diving into the action, players have the option to either create their own game room or join an existing one.

In these game rooms, two players reach an agreement regarding the amount of sFORT to stake, subsequently depositing 18 random cards from their deck into the contract. It’s a strategic battle where weapons clash, shields protect characters, and the stakes are high.

The dynamics of the game are intriguing.

If a shield proves formidable enough, it prevents weapon tokens from being utilized, but if a shield falters, it incurs the loss of both the shield and the associated character token. Everything sacrificed during gameplay is irretrievably lost, intensifying the thrill of each move.

Pico offers layers of strategic depth.

Players have the opportunity to amplify the power of their cards by matching corresponding symbols and card colors. Accumulating three identical symbols enhances a card’s potency, adding a dynamic twist to every turn. After deploying shields, characters, and weapons, players can introduce special cards during the mutagen round. This unique feature allows fortunate players in possession of mutagen cards to transform character cards, enhancing their versatility.

The Value of Mutation

Mutated characters become highly prized assets in a player’s deck, capable of synergizing with a wide array of symbols and card colors. This rarity elevates their significance within the game, creating exciting opportunities for strategic mastery.


Pico stands as a pioneering blockchain game that ushers in a new era of gaming, where assets and mechanics are seamlessly integrated into a smart contract. With the allure of rapid, cost-effective transactions on the Flare Network, Pico caters to the desires of today’s impatient gamers, while its unique gameplay mechanics promise endless excitement, strategy, and unpredictability. Get ready to embark on a revolutionary gaming journey with Pico!